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Christmas Dinners

Heritage Trust Annual Christmas Dinners

Programs for Annual Christmas Dinners


Nov. 30, 2023

"Miracle On Main: How A Shared Dream Became The General Morgan Inn" — Gregg Jones, founder and president of Old Town Development and retired publisher, The Greeneville Sun

Dec. 1, 2022   

“Dr. Warren Dockter, President and CEO, East Tennessee Historical Society, "Sir Winston Churchill and the Queen" 

Dec. 6, 2018   

“Andrew Jackson, Indian Removal, and the Trail of Tears” — Dr. Daniel Feller, Professor of History, Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, and Editor/Director of The Papers of Andrew Jackson, the University of Tennessee

Dec. 7, 2017   

“The Papers of Andrew Jackson” — Dr. Daniel Feller, Professor of History and Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, and Editor/Director of The Papers of Andrew Jackson, the University of Tennessee

Dec. 1, 2016   

“David Crockett and His Gun”— Gary Foreman, award-winning film producer/director

Dec. 1, 2015   

Andrew Johnson Singers; “Who ‘Done’ It — You Be the Judge: Speculation on the Individuals Who Could Have Betrayed Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan to Union Forces”

Dec. 4, 2014   

Dr. Robert “Bob” Orr — Civil War Sesquicentennial — Music from the North and South

Dec. 5, 2013   

Music by Autumn Crum; “The Year of Nathanael Greene” — Dan McMichael as Nathanael Greene, and Nathanael Greene Author  Janet Uhler

Dec. 4, 2012   

“Main Street, Jonesborough”— Jay O’Callahan, Storyteller 

Dec. 2, 2011   

“John Hunt Morgan, Thunderbolt of the Confederacy” — Mr. Kent Masterson Brown, Civil War Historian and Attorney at Law

Dec. 2, 2010   

“Our Funny-Talking Country Cousins” — Dr. Jay Reese, East Tennessee State University

Dec. 3, 2009   

”Little-Known African-American History — Facts, Insight Through A Different Lens,” Dr. Marion Lane, Renowned Educator, Bucks County, Pa.

Dec. 4, 2008   

“A Concert of Christmas Music”— Greeneville High School Chorus,  Mrs. Kathryn May, Choral Director 

Nov. 29, 2007 

“Tailor from Tennessee” — Andrew Johnson presentation by Daniel Luther

Dec. 7, 2006   

Herbert L. Harper, Retired Executive Director, Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville

Dec. 6, 2005   

The Greeneville High School Show Choir, Mrs. Kathryn May, Director

Dec. 2, 2004   

“The Heartland Series” — WBIR Television, Knoxville, Bill Landry, Host and Co-Producer

Dec. 4, 2003   

“Let’s Go Home . . . Again” — Mrs. Sheila Kay Adams, Appalachian Ballad Singer, Musician, Author (Because of a heavy snow in North Carolina, she could not get to Greeneville to speak. Instead, then-Heritage Trust President Marilyn Heilman gave an extended tribute to local historian Richard H. Doughty.)

Dec. 5, 2002   

“Come, Go Home With Me” — Mrs. Sheila Kay Adams, Ballad Singer, Musician, Storyteller 

Dec. 6, 2001   

“Hometown Holiday Songs”— Celebration Show Choir, Cherry Smith, Director

Nov. 30, 2000 

“Local Legacies” — Mrs. Denise Gotay Theunissen, Project Liaison, Library of Congress Bicentennial Program, Washington, D.C.

Dec. 2, 1999   

“Political Americana at the Turn of the Century” — James D. Warlick, President, Political Americana, Washington, D.C.

Dec. 3, 1998   

“Christmas With GLAWPIGT” (Great Literature Alive Well Playing in Greeneville, Tennessee) — Marilyn DuBrisk and her students

Dec.  1, 1997  

Two Guest Speakers — John M. Jones, Vice-Chairman, Tennessee Historical Commission, and Herbert Harper, Executive Director, Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville

Dec. 2, 1996   

"A Celebration in Music” — Take Note, Cynthia Sams, Director

Nov. 30, 1995 

Nathan R. Cline, Director of the Exposition Division of the Tennessee 200th Anniversary Celebration

Dec. 1, 1994   

Dr. Charles Faulkner Bryan, Jr., Director of the Virginia Historical Society

Dec. 1, 1993   

Mrs. Martha Garland Whaley, History of Medicine, Librarian, James H. Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University

Dec. 2, 1992   

Walter T. Durham, Author, former Chairman, Tennessee Historical Commission

Nov. 30, 1991 

Michael Sloan, Tennessee Artist-in-Residence

Nov. 29, 1990 

Tom Adkinson, Director of Public Relations of Opryland USA Inc., Nashville

Nov. 30, 1989 

William G. Allman, Assistant Curator, The White House, Washington, D.C.

Dec. 1, 1988   

John Rice Irwin, Director of the Museum of Appalachia

Dec. 3, 1987   

Alex Susong Jones, Pulitzer Prize-Winner in Specialized Reporting, The New York Times, and Greeneville native

Dec. 4, 1986   

Michael Durham, Editorial Director of Americana Magazine

Dec. 5, 1985   

Phil Armor, Community Participation Manager, Tennessee Homecoming ’86

Dec. 6, 1984   

David L. Moffitt, Superintendent of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island National Monument, Liberty Island, N.Y.

Dec. 1, 1983   

Mrs. Wilma Dykeman Stokely, Tennessee State Historian and Noted Author

Dec. 2, 1982   

"The White House and Its Preservation” — Betty C. Monkman, Associate Curator of the White House, Washington, D.C.

Dec. 1, 1981   

Music by James and Brenda Winfree, and address by Michael Ainslie, President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, D.C.


Greater Greeneville Chorale, Ruth Thomas, Director “Illumination,” and Col. Elba W. Bowen